A workshop within a staff team gives each member a common language with which to discuss their differences.  On a Type for Teams workshop, staff are given an understanding of how others may see things differently from themselves and how they can change the way they operate to be more effective communicators on a team or with their clients.  Type and Stress focuses on giving staff an understanding of what happens to their type under stress and tips for alleviating the unwanted behaviours.  Type and Conflict gives each individual insight into how their type deals with difficult situations, what skills they bring to the conflict and what their blind spots are.

"We just had an awesome day with Nicky.  She understood our team quickly, tailored the content for us well and packed a lot into the time with great follow up.  She achieved a great mix of both fun AND gutsy honest learning. Even if you "know" personality types, you will discover what that means for your team.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Nicky as a great investment in your team culture." (Alastair Hall, Team Leader, Manukau City Baptist Church, 2018)

"I thought it was a really interesting session and Nicky was great. Glad you put in a clause re no role plays as it made the whole thing much less threatening knowing nothing like that was going to come up !  Look forward to the next part."  (Participant, Whangaparaoa College Support Staff)

"The day was fairly fast paced and never boring.  Nicky was very approachable, practical and organised.  I came away with a better understanding/tolerance of myself and also a better understanding and knowledge of the other on the council. "(Participant, St Ignatius Parish Council).

"This course was super interesting.  It helped me make sense of previous assumptions.  Nicky was great at leading us in making better sense of each other."  (Leadership Team member, Royal Oak Baptist Church)

"I finally understand what preferences I have!  I will be able to appreciate others’ ways of working both at home and here at work. "(Participant, Whangaparaoa College Support Staff)