“Type for Teens” is a day workshop that has been successful with learners from year 9 to year 13.  “Type for Teens – Leadership” is an excellent workshop for preparing year 12 students for responsibilities in their final year.  “Type for Teens – Careers” is great for year 10-13 students who are wondering what direction they should be heading with their subject choice, decisions regarding school leaver jobs or University courses.


The Type for Teens Leadership course is a refreshing and open minded approach to personality types.  Students are encouraged to step out of their perceived personality box and into a world of preference where appreciation and understanding forms the foundations to positive relationships.  Having worked with our prefects in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Nicky and Sue's presentation has become a definite highlight on the prefect calendar.  They are fun, dynamic and able to facilitate meaningful change in the way our leaders communicate and collaborate.  (Thea Kilian, Deputy Principal, Long Bay College, 2018)

"Well organised and structured day that was fun and very worthwhile, thank you." (teacher, Whangaparaoa College) 

"I loved how much knowledge Nicky and Sue had, and how much they taught us about our personalities." (Year 9 learner, Whangaparaoa College)

"Absolutely fabulous!  I think it’s a really cool thing for any teenager to experience because this is a time of our lives when we, me anyway, feel unsure of ourselves and this cleared a lot up for me – thank you!" (Year 12 learner Whangaparaoa College)

"This day was FANTASTIC.  I LOVED IT.  It has really helped me figure out myself and understand why others behave as they do." (Year 12 learner, Whangaparaoa College)

"Type for Teens - Careers was awesome.  You have helped many of us work out what we enjoy.  I hope to see you again and learn more, thanks." (Year 10 learner, KingsWay)

"I thought the workshop was really insightful and I have learnt a lot about myself and my peers.  Thank you for an interesting and different experience." (Prefect elect, St Kentigern College)

"The presenters, Nicky and Sue, were very interactive which was great to keep us on task" (Prefect elect, St Kentigern College)