“Perfecting Connecting – Type for Teachers” has been a very well received Teacher Only Day workshop that has served to give staff a better understanding of each other and the learners in their care.  The comprehensive workshop booklet contains a wealth of helpful practical tips enabling teachers to identify personality preferences in learners and adjust their style when needed to improve their effectiveness.

Our Teacher Only "I'm not crazy, I'm just not you" presented by Nicky of 3D Personality and Sue of Personality Dynamics was one of the BEST teacher only days we have ever had.  Their facilitation skills are outstanding.  The structure of the day was superb with a great balance of humour and story telling. Their ability to work with teachers and support staff to develop an understanding of themselves and even more importantly how to work with others was awesome! Our teachers linked this knowledge to children in their classes and it was interesting to listen to their comments about why the children behaved the way they did and what they as teachers could think about doing differently - what more can we ask for! The day has had a hugely positive impact on our school culture and we intend to revisit some of the key ideas over the year as part of our ongoing PD of building successful teams. (Moira Campbell, Tumuaki/Principal, Te Kura o Taitoko Tokerau/Levin North School, 2018)

"It was interesting to find out about the team and how we all were similar types – it helped with team building and getting to know each other better" (Kumeu Montessori Preschool teacher).

"I really loved the stories that Sue and Nicky had of their own children.  These examples were so valuable." (Manager, KingsWay Preschool).

"The most valuable parts of the course as a team leader was understanding the rest of my team’s preferences.  As a teacher, it was valuable learning how to meet the needs of my opposite preference children." (Team Leader, KingsWay Preschool).

"This was just good fun!!  I enjoyed learning and getting confirmation of my type preferences and realising how important is it to be accepting of others."  (Teacher, Fantails Preschool).

"I would recommend this course to other Preschool centres.  It was great for me to understand my new team dynamic."  (Manager, Fame Preschool).

"Fun and entertaining, light but extremely enlightening and informative.  Feel better able to meet the needs of my children and work more effectively and with greater understanding with my colleagues." (Teacher, Gulf Harbour Primary School)

"Thanks for a wonderful Teachers Only Day Presentation on Friday. It was definitely the most valuable Teachers only Day I have been to, and was perfect timing!  I have come across the Briggs Myers Personality test before but had never fully understood the fact that it was preference that was the key, and just how the characteristics of these types impacted on our relating to other types. You explained it all so brilliantly, and suddenly everything fell into place!  The fact that you and Sue are different personality types added even more clarity to the things you were saying.  It was a very powerful experience for me, both personally and professionally.  What you have given us all is a gift. This should be a major part of any school curriculum!  What a different world we would live in if people understood each other!!" (Teacher, Gulf Harbour School)