“I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You” is the name of a five session course Nicky has run on the Hibiscus Coast since 2008.  It is designed for couples but open to all who want to know themselves and their ‘significant other’ better.  It’s fun and it’s informal and a completely non-threatening way to create meaningful conversations that improve relationships.

"Understanding how much of who I am is actually my personality was very interesting and freeing.  Nicky was so helpful.  I absolutely loved this course.  It was great having group work to understand others’ personalities better." (Melanie)

"This course gave me some practical ways to work with my husband, particularly when communicating.  Nicky was really helpful and willing to discuss issues we brought up." (Nikki)

"What I gained most from this course was learning how I recharge, and what makes my wife tick!" (Alastair)  

"The course was really interesting with the content broken down into easy, logical chunks.  Nicky showed great humour and was very approachable." (Andrea)  

"The material we took home has been very useful and I constantly look back at it which keeps improving my understanding of others."(Mark)