Understanding your personality type assists you in knowing what job or 'job family' may give you the highest job satisfaction.  A career consultation is valuable for: 

*teenagers who are wanting to know what course of study or job may best suit them and 

*adults who are unsure of or unhappy with their current job situation and are seeking change

“I came to see Nicky to see how to align myself better with my customers and make the most out of my business. She is intuitive, insightful and totally changed the way I see myself.  She allowed me the space to understand myself in a more insightful way and gave me the clarity to see how I need to challenge myself at a deeper level.  Thanks Nicky, I’d highly recommend everyone come and see you!”  Olivia, Beecontent Marketing, July 2020

      "I left school with average grades and no clue what I wanted to do - and no inspiration. Going for a consultation with Nicky completely changed my direction in life. I would tell everyone who asked that I was going to join the army because I couldn't think of anything else.   Nothing seemed to interest me. I knew uni was an option but I was worried that I wouldn’t get in because of my grades at high school. I also didn’t want to waste years of my life pursuing something that I didn’t even like and have a big debt. I went to the consultation with Nicky not having big expectations.   I was stunned to discover how much I could relate to the results. Finding out my Personality Type preferences helped me to accept who I was and gave me ideas of jobs that other people with the same preferences enjoyed.  I had always quite liked drawing and playing around in a creative space. The personality puzzle indicated  jobs like being a writer, painter, or a graphic designer might fulfil me. I ended up enrolling in a design school called "YooBee school of design". Here I was able to learn new skills and get a bit of real world experience. Since then I haven’t looked back and am working full time at FUSE as a Junior Creative."  Dylan ( Jan 2017) 

    "I decided to book a consultation with Nicky after coming back from overseas and wanting to head in a new direction career wise. The consultation helped me figure out what career paths I would find the most satisfaction in. It also gave me insight into why I do things in a certain way and made me more mindful that others don't see things in the same way. It has taken me down a new path that I would have never thought of doing before."  Vanessa (Feb 17)

    "The consultation with Nicky has helped me to re-affirm that my current field of work is relevant to my strengths. It has helped me to recognise which areas in my work and relationships are most challenging. I have learnt tips and tools to help me maximise my skills and bring me greater satisfaction and work life balance. I have enjoyed this process and found Nicky to be very helpful in a relatable, honest and encouraging way."  Doug ( April 2017)