Nicky Gumbrell trained as a Speech and Language Therapist, has a Bachelors degree in Education and a Primary School teaching qualification. She worked for the Special Education Service in the Manawatu before moving to the Hibiscus Coast in 1993 and becoming a mother of three.  As well as her work within 3D Personality, Nicky teaches at Ashton Warner Nanny Academy in Children’s Communication Development and lectures in Speech Communication at Carey Baptist College.  Nicky has been a registered user of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® since 2003.

In a volunteer role, Nicky works as the Area Manager for Rodney Outreach Therapy Pets, harnessing the healing power of pets for senior citizens and promoting animal assisted education in schools.


When running workshops for larger groups, Nicky combines her expertise with that of Sue Blair of Personality Dynamics, author of The Personality Puzzle. www.personalitydynamics.co.nz